Traditional Chinese Toys Book Set

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This book series tells 5 vivid stories between Dingding and Dangdang, two good friends who explore Chinese culture in their daily lives with playfulness and fun. 

The stories naturally engages and inspires young minds in various ways:

  • Bilingual: beautifully written both in Chinese and English, this book suits families whether the parents can speak Chinese or not.
  • Reading-and- playing: hands-on instruction of how to make a toy, which encourages more activities after reading.
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  • Free coloring book inside the box!

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The Little Rattle Drum


It’s time to celebrate Lunar New Year’s Day, the most important Chinese holiday. It is especially exciting for children who will get new clothes, lucky money, and delicious food! Aha! This time Dingding and Dangdang are playing the little Rattle-Drum game, acting like a Chinese street merchant and customer from ancient times.

The Shuttlecock


On occasion Dingding and Dangdang may have unpleasant moments. But that’s also the time when they grow up. By making a shuttlecock together with their “treasures,” Dingding and Dangdang finally discover that sharing is fun, and the happiest thing is to play together!

The Kite


Dingding and Dangdang want to send the Sun a letter to thank Him for warming the world. But how can they send anything up to the Sun? They decide to make a kite and fly the letter up into the sky!

The Beanbags


On a rainy day when it’s not possible to play outside, what could be better than playing beanbags at home? Dingding and Dangdang play them on a table, with toy blocks, and then outside in the park after the rain. Look! They are having their own little Sports Day!

The Tumbler


Sometimes toys can teach kids good lessons. The tumbler, for example, shows resilience as it always stands up after every fall! This time Dangdang is the one who learns his lesson!

Coloring Book


Favorite pages from book set for kids to color and enjoy the most fun out of each story!